Aerial robotics applications

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) complex missions using on board sensors (i.e. vision and lidar) and on-board computing for autonomously flying in environments where GPS is not available (e.g. indoors) or where GPS doesn’t provide enough accuracy (e.g. industrial inspection and/or manoeuvres close to obstacles). Sample of recent projects:

  • DAR Project for Aircraft Inspection” for AIRBUS Defence & Space
  • Boiler Inspection in Meirama Thermal Power Plant” for Naturgy

Computer vision applications

Image/video recognition and detection using machine learning (e.g. deep learning), as well as image processing techniques, mainly used for aerial images an also for other kind of images. Reinforcement learning for controlling UAV is also one of our main research topics, based on both direct visual info and pose estimation. Sample of recent projects:

  • Tropical Plants Detection and Recognition from Aerial Images taken by Drones” for INDIGO Drones
  • Electric Tower Inspection” for several companies (Fenosa, Prysma, REE, Aeromedia)

International competitions

We are awarded in top international competitions in drones autonomy: IMAV12, IMAV13, IARC14, IMAV16, IMAV17, IMAV 2019 and MBZIRC20. For example:

  • Third place at the Grand Challenge in the MBZIRC20 competition in Abu Dhabi
  • Organisers of the International Mini Air Vehicle Competition and Conference in Madrid IMAV19